Committee Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, June 6, 2006
LOCATION: Conference Room 4F, Tallahassee City Hall

Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee, 4:00 - 6:00 PM (BPAC)



A.                 Agenda Modifications


B.                 Open Forum for Public Comment 

Citizens are invited to address the Committee. 

C.                 Consent  Agenda

                1.  Minutes of the March 14, 2006 Meeting

The Minutes of the March 14, 2006 subcommittee meeting is provided as Attachment C-1 for committee review and approval. 


Committee Action: CRTPA Staff is seeking approval of the Consent Agenda


D.                Presentations/Discussion 

1. BPAC Priorities for 2006 

BPAC members have requested a discussion of the committee’s priorities for the coming year.  

Committee Action: For Committee Discussion


2. CRTPA Multimodal Committee [CRTPA Agenda Item III (2)] 

This item continues the discussion from the previous committee meeting regarding the transition from BPAC to the Multimodal Committee. Since the previous meeting, staff has met with FSU, FAMU, and TCC officials to gauge their interest in joining the new committee. Additionally, Jeff Horton, Executive Director of Commuter Services of North Florida will be in attendance to answer any questions regarding his organization’s role in the new committee. Ron Garrison of StarMetro is unable to attend the meeting in person but will be available via telephone if necessary to address committee members’ questions and concerns. Staff is seeking committee approval to move forward with the transition to the Multimodal Committee.        

Committee Action: For Committee Approval


3. FY 2007/2011 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) [CRTPA Agenda Item II (1)(B)]

Annually, the CRTPA develops the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).  This document identifies major transportation projects as well as transportation systems management, transportation enhancement, public transportation, aviation, resurfacing/repaving and bridge rehabilitation/replacement projects that have received funding in the next five-year period.  Projects contained within the TIP are located within the CRTPA’s planning area boundary.  A public meeting was held on May 23, 2006 to present the document to the public and receive public comment.  Staff is seeking adoption of the FY 2007 – FY 2011 TIP. 

Agenda Item                            TIP Document

Committee Action: For Committee Approval


4. Final Public Involvement Program [CRTPA Agenda Item II (1)(D)] 

Each Metropolitan Planning Organization must have an adopted Public Involvement Program, which is updated on a regular basis.  Staff is presenting a final update to the existing program that will meet our certification requirements.  The CRTPA approved the draft update at its May 15, 2006 meeting and it has been publicly advertised. The PIP update will go before the CRTPA for final approval at its June 19, 2006 meeting. Information on this item is provided as Attachments D1-a and D-1b. 

Agenda Item                          PIP Revision

Committee Action: For Committee Approval


5.  Major Project Priority List Criteria Direction [CRTPA Agenda Item III (3)]

Annually, the CRTPA develops and adopts Priority Project Lists (PPLs) to provide guidance to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) regarding the prioritization of transportation projects within the CRTPA area.  Prior to initiation of development of the Major PPL, CRTPA staff is requesting board direction on the factors to be considered in development of this list.   

 Agenda Item 

Committee Action: For Committee Approval


  E.          Information  

1.  May 15, 2006 Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency (CRTPA) Meeting Action Summary           

      A summary of CRTPA actions (taken at their May 15, 2006 meeting) will be provided at the June 6, 2006 CRTPA Subcommittee meetings.   

             2.  June 19, 2006 Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency (CRTPA) Agenda

                Attachment E-2 provides the tentative agenda for the March 27, 2006 CRTPA meeting.  Staff will answer questions regarding items on the agenda as requested.   

               Staff will answer questions regarding items on the agenda as requested.

            3.  Items from Committee Members