Multimodal Advisory Committee

Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, October 24, 2006 (4:00 - 6:00 PM)
LOCATION: Tallahassee Room, 2nd Floor Tallahassee City Hall

A.                 Agenda Modifications


B.                 Open Forum for Public Comment 

Citizens are invited to address the Committee.  

C.                 Consent  Agenda

                1.      Minutes of the September 5th, 2006 Meeting

            The Minutes of the September 5th, 2006 subcommittee meeting are provided as Attachment C-            for your review and approval.


Committee Action: CRTPA Staff is seeking approval of the Consent Agenda

 D.                 Presentations/Discussion         

1. Multimodal Advisory Committee (MAC) Mission Statement/Bylaws/Priorities

With the reconfiguration of CRTPA’s Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee, the committee will require new bylaws and a mission statement.  If approved by the CRTPA, these bylaws will be advertised for a 30-day review period and returned to the CRTPA for final approval.  Draft MAC bylaws are provided as Attachment D-1

Additionally, the Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee identified objectives to be carried over to the Multimodal Advisory Committee.

 Draft Bylaws

Committee Action: For Committee Discussion and Approval


2. Bicycle Friendly Community

An identified project of the former Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee (to be addressed by the Multimodal Committee) is the designation of the City of Tallahassee as a Bicycle-Friendly Community. Part of achieving this designation is the identification of suitable bicycle routes throughout the community and the creation of an updated bicycle map, as well as working with interested citizens’ groups in the process.

Background on the Bicycle-Friendly Community designation is provided as Attachments D-2A and D-2B

          Attachment D-2A        Attachment D-2B 

Committee Action: For Committee Discussion


3.  City Public Works and the Bicycle-Pedestrian Master Plan

City of Tallahassee Public Works director Gabriel Menendez has been invited to discuss the City’s use of the Bicycle-Pedestrian Master Plan when implementing transportation projects. 

Committee Action: For Committee Discussion


4.      FY 2007 - FY 2011 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Amendment

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has requested that the Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency (CRTPA) amend the Fiscal Year (FY) 2007 – Fiscal Year (FY) 2011 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) to reflect the receipt of TRIP funds for Capital Circle, SE (Tram Road to Woodville Highway). Background on this TIP amendment is provided as Attachment D-2. 

Agenda Item     Attachment 1      Attachment 2

Committee Action: For Committee Approval


            5.      FDOT Draft Work Program

The Florida Department of Transportation will present the Draft FY 2008 - FY 2012 Work Program. Further information is provided as Attachment D-3.

Agenda Item  

Committee Action: For Committee Information


6.  Draft Congestion Management Process Plan

The DRAFT Congestion Management Process Plan will be presented to the CRTPA.  This document is one of the required program documents for our agency and addresses strategies to improve traffic congestion with the CRTPA area. 

Agenda Item            Draft Report             

Committee Action: For Committee Approval


7.      Transportation Enhancement Process and Schedule

Annually, the Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency (CRTPA) submits a Transportation Enhancement Priority Project List to the Florida Department of Transportation, District Three (FDOT) for funding consideration. This agenda item outlines the application and prioritization processes recommended by CRTPA staff for development of the 2007 Transportation Enhancement Priority Project List. 

Background on the enhancement application process is provided as Attachment D-7A and a calendar of the process is provided as Attachment D-7B.

Enhancement Process       Enhancement Schedule

Committee Action: For Committee Approval


  E.          Information  

1. September 18, 2006 Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency

  (CRTPA) Meeting Action Summary


            A summary of CRTPA actions (taken at their September 18, 2006 meeting) will be provided at

            the October 24 meeting.     


2. November 13, 2006 Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency

 (CRTPA) Agenda 

Attachment E-2 provides the tentative agenda for the November 13, 2006 CRTPA meeting.  Staff will answer questions regarding items on the agenda as requested.  DRAFT Agenda

3.      CRTPA and Subcommittee 2007 Meeting Dates

2007 CRTPA and subcommittee meeting dates are provided as Attachment E-3.

4. Items from Committee Members