Transportation Disadvantaged

The transportation disadvantaged are individuals unable to transport themselves due to physical or mental disability, economic status, or age.  As a result, these individuals are dependent upon others to obtain access to health care, employment, education, shopping, and other life sustaining activities.  Within the State of Florida, each county is required to have a local coordinating board (LCB) to guide and coordinate the provision of local transportation services to the transportation disadvantaged.   For information regarding upcoming meetings in Leon County, please click here and then scroll down to "Leon County Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Board".


Within Leon County, the CRTPA is the Official Planning Agency for the Leon County Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Board (TDCB).  The Leon County TDCB is responsible for reviewing and discussing issues related to providing transportation services to those members in the community who are unable to provide their own transportation to vital services, such as medical appointments and employment. Formed under Chapter 427.11 Florida Statutes, the program provides partial or total funding for over 100,000 paratransit and specialized-needs trips annually. Although not an official committee of the CRTPA, the CRTPA staffs this board.  The current chair of the Leon County TDCB is Leon County Commissioner Bob Rackleff (click here)

The following Leon County TDCB documents are available for review:

For more information regarding the Leon County TDCB, please contact Colleen Roland at 891-8540.


The Official Planning Agency for the Gadsden and Wakulla County transportation disadvantaged programs is the Apalachee Regional Planning Agency (ARPC)(click here) at 850 674 4571.


Within each Florida county, a Community Transportation Coordinator (CTC) is designated for overseeing the operations of each local coordinating board.  Within the CRTPA region, the designated CTC's are as follows:

  • Leon County:        StarMetro  850 891 5200
  • Gadsden County:   Big Bend Transit  850 574 6064
  • Wakulla County:    Senior Citizen's Council   850 926 7145


More information regarding the transportation disadvantaged and transportation disadvantaged programs can be found by contacting the Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged (click here) at 850 410 5700.