The Woodville Highway (North) Corridor Study and Project Development and Environment Study

The Woodville Highway Corridor North Master Plan is a coordinated transportation land use plan that addresses future mobility needs and supports future development in a form that is consistent with the vision for the surrounding communities. The study area is defined as the Woodville Highway (SR 363) North Corridor, Capital Circle Southeast at the south, and Paul Russell Road on the north with a corridor length of approximately 2.13 miles in southwest Leon County approximately 2.5 miles from downtown Tallahassee and the State Capitol. Woodville Highway between Capital Circle Southeast and Gaile Avenue is a two-lane undivided arterial roadway. The St. Marks Trail runs along this section, which is within the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) right-of-way and is maintained by the City of Tallahassee through an agreement with FDOT and Leon County. North of Gaile Avenue, Woodville Highway is an improved five-lane undivided arterial roadway.

Woodville Highway is not only a key link for the Region but also to the local community, as the roadway is an important commercial and industrial corridor and serves a diverse group of residents living in proximity to the corridor. It provides a key north-south link between Tallahassee, the State Capitol; Wakulla County to the south; and the surrounding coastal communities. Vehicular traffic has continued to grow over the years and its importance as a community transportation link continues to increase.

Additionally, use of the Trail as a community resource continues to grow. Because of the vitality of Woodville Highway and future growth potential in the area, improvements are identified in the Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency’s (CRTPA) recently completed Regional Mobility Plan. The Mobility Plan is a long range transportation plan for the entire CRTPA area, which includes Leon, Wakulla, Jefferson, and Gadsden counties. While the Mobility Plan takes an overall look at mobility and considers the entire transportation system, it does not address the details of each specific corridor’s characteristics, vision, and individual scenarios that will influence what the corridor can become. The corridor study and resulting Master Plan is a more detailed look at what the corridor specifically will look like, or should look like, to accommodate growth over the next fifty to seventy-five years as well as what the community needs to do between now and then as the community and its demands change.

This Master Plan is more than just a roadway project or roadway plan. The Corridor Master Plan is developed with the goal of balancing transportation with land use, environmental impacts and neighborhood preservation. This Master Plan provides the specific vision for land use and for effective mobility of all surface modes (vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, and transit). A primary goal of the Master Plan is to improve  connectivity to/from Woodville Highway and to/from areas that Woodville Highway serves. Improved roadway connectivity is key to accommodating local traffic circulation, while also reducing the long term burden on Woodville Highway as the primary access to properties within the study area. This includes:

  • Connectivity between different modes of travel
  • Connectivity between land uses
  • Connectivity between other local and regional roadways – improving the grid network
  • Connecting the community by connecting neighborhoods
  • Connectivity to schools
  • Connectivity to the St. Marks Trail
  • Connectivity to recreation areas
  • Connectivity to businesses
  • Connectivity to reduce the dependency on Woodville Highway

This Master Plan includes a vision of the community; a vision of those who live, work and recreate in the area; a vision of those that drive within and through the Woodville Highway North corridor. This plan has been developed to help guide future growth and help ensure that an efficient transportation system meets the future needs of the community.


Phase II 60% Roadway Plans (Gaile Avenue to Paul Russell Road)

Phase II 60% Roadway Plans (CCSE to Gaile Avenue)

Woodville Highway Corridor North Master Plan


In July 2013, the Preliminary Engineering Report was completed for Woodville Highway from US 319 (Capital Circle, SE) to Paul Russell Road. 

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