Thomasville Road Multi-Use Path

As the initial pilot project for the 2019 Tallahassee-Leon County Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan Update, the Thomasville Road corridor has been identified as one of the significant gaps in the bicycle/pedestrian network. Currently, Thomasville Road has limited pedestrian and bicycle facilities and substandard bike lanes in portions of the corridor. The limits for this feasibility study will be from Betton Road/Bradford Road (south) to approximately Live Oak Planation Road (north), with the intent to  determine connectivity from this northern terminus into the Market Square District. This feasibility study will determine to what extent, considering costs and impacts, can a shared-use path be accommodated along this corridor.

Flexibility in design, the use of technology, and a focus on safety will all be incorporated into a flexible design of the preferred option. The primary goal of the Thomasville Road shared-use path will provide a safe facility for residents in the area to travel via bicycle or walking. The study area corridor connects to over a dozen neighborhoods, expanding the bicycle and pedestrian network to a significant amount of people. To determine the feasibility of this shared-use path, existing right-of-way will be documented along with environmental or physical barriers, and other factors such as grade. The feasibility study approach will include conducting field visits after appropriate data collection has occurred to develop an inventory of corridor constraints which will form the basis for developing possible innovative solutions for consideration by the project team.

Thomasville Road Feasibility Study

Phase I – Data Collection

The Thomasville Road Multi-Use Path Feasibility Study was initiated in January of 2020 and focused on the collection of existing conditions along the corridor.  This data ranged from:

  • Sidewalk location and conditions
  • Available Right of Way
  • Existing Bicycle Facilities
  • Intersections
  • Parks and Recreation Connections
  • Schools
  • Preliminary Tree Assessment
  • Road Conditions
  • Location of Utility Poles
  • ADA Conditions
  • Transit Stop Locations

In addition to the existing data the Project Team has established seven (7) Goals to direct the project.

Safety –  Provide a safe connection between destinations along Thomasville Road.

Accessibility – Create a facility that is accessible to variety of user types, and is appropriate for at least three of the four bicycle comfort levels in the Tallahassee-Leon County Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.

Network Connectivity – Grow network connectivity by providing opportunities to access destinations along and beyond Thomasville Road.

Positive User Experience – Ensure positive user experience by incorporating natural features, creative design, and ADA compliance.

Equitable – Make the facility available to people with disabilities, low-income areas, aging populations, and areas of low vehicle ownership.

Multimodal – Accommodate a variety of modes on the facility.

Health and Recreation – Provide opportunities for extended trips to recreate and exercise.

This initial phase of the project focused on a technical review of the corridor to ensure that the opportunities and challenges were identified along the corridor.  This information was presented to the CRTPA Board on October 19, 2020 via a Thomasville Road Multi-Use Path presentation.

Basic information about the project can be found on this project sheet.

This marked the end of the data collection phase and the beginning of the Public Engagement phase which is scheduled to start in January of 2021.

Phase II – Public Engagement

The first set of public meetings are going to be held at the end of April and beginning of May 2021.  This will include a virtual meeting room that will run from April 27 to May 4 and two Question and Answer meetings on April 29, 2021 and May 3, 2021.  Additional information regarding these meetings will be provided in advance with links on the CRTPA “News and Projects” section on the main page of the website.  Lastly, We have also created a newsletter in advance of these meetings which provides some background as these virtual meeting begin.

The Virtual Project Room is now closed.  However, the boards from the Virtual Project room can be found below:

Virtual Project Room

In addition to the Virtual Project Room link below are links to the transcripts and videos from Q&A Session 1 and Q&A Session #2.

Q&A Session #1 Transcripts

Q&A Session #1 Video

Q&A Session #2 Transcripts

Q&A Session #2 Video

We have aggregated the Existing Conditions into a series of section along Thomasville Road (Betton Road to Metropolitan Boulevard) to provide some basic information regarding the project.  Please use the link below to access the maps:

Thomasville Road Existing Conditions

As the project moves forward and you have questions or comments, please contact Jack Kostrzewa at:

We can also be found on Facebook at TvilleRoadMUP



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