Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and Transportation Priority Project Lists (PPLs) Public Meetings

May 23 & 24, 2018 PUBLIC MEETINGS

The CRTPA has scheduled public meetings to solicit public comment on the agency’s Draft Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 – FY 2023 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and FY 2020 – 2024 Transportation Priority Project Lists (PPLs).  The meetings will be conducted in open house format with the documents scheduled for adoption on June 18.


The Draft FY 2019 – FY 2023 TIP contains transportation projects (including aviation, bicycle, pedestrian, roadway and transit) within Gadsden, Jefferson, Leon and Wakulla counties that have received state and federal funding in Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Work Program.

The Draft TIP may be viewed by clicking here.  Projects by county can be viewed by clicking on the below links:


The Draft FY 2020 – FY 2024 Transportation Priority Project Lists provide funding guidance to the FDOT as that agency develops next year’s Work Program (funded projects will be included in next year’s adopted CRTPA TIP).  The PPLs identify airport, bicycle, intersection, pedestrian, roadway and transit projects in priority order.  Specifically, the following PPLs are scheduled for adoption:

  • RMP Roadways PPL identifies roadway projects (Project source: The CRTPAs 2040 Regional Mobility Plan – the agency’s long range transportation plan adopted at the June 29, 2015 CRTPA Board meeting).  View the Draft Roadways PPL
  • RMP Bicycle and Pedestrian PPL identifies bike & pedestrian projects (Project source: CRTPA 2040 RMP).  View the Draft Bicycle & Pedestrian PPL
  • Regional Trails PPL identifies regional trail projects (Project source: CRTPA 2040 RMP and Florida Office of Greenways and Trails).  View the Draft Regional Trails PPL
  • Transportation Systems Management (TSM) PPL identifies low cost improvements to the existing transportation system (such as an intersection) that can be constructed in less than two years (Project source: TSM candidate project list developed in coordination with the FDOT).  View the Draft TSM PPL
  • StarMetro PPL provides a listing of transit projects, developed by StarMetro, reflecting projects consistent with StarMetro’s adopted Transit Development Plan (TDP) (Project source: StarMetro’s Transit Development Plan)
  • Tallahassee International Airport PPL identifies Tallahassee international Airport projects (Project source: Airport Master Plan)  View the Draft TIA PPL

The meetings will provide citizens the opportunity to learn about the projects in the region that have received funding in the next five years (as identified in the Draft TIP) as well as the agency’s proposed project priorities for which funding is being sought (Draft PPLs). The TIP and PPLs are scheduled to be adopted at the June 18, 2018 CRTPA meeting. The public meetings are scheduled for the following dates and locations:


  • Wakulla County (12 PM – 1 PM)
    Wakulla County Commission Chambers
    29 Arran Road, Crawfordville
  • Gadsden County (5 PM – 6 PM)
    Gadsden County Commission Chambers
    9 East Jefferson Street, Quincy


  • Jefferson County (12 PM – 1 PM)  
    Jefferson County Courthouse Annex
    435 West Walnut Street, Monticello
  • Leon County (5 PM – 6 PM)
    Jack L. McLean Community Center
    700 Paul Russell Road, Tallahassee


Comments may be provided at the meetings.  Additionally, written comments may be mailed to: CRTPA, 300 S. Adams Street A-19, Tallahassee, FL 32301 or emailed to  Comments may also be provided electronically on this site (via Comments).   All comments should be received by Friday, June 15, 2018.  Finally, public comment may be provided in person at the June 18, 2018 CRTPA meeting.

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Questions? Please contact Greg Burke at 891-8626.