November 21, 2017

Event Details

  1. Call To Order and Roll Call
  2. Agenda Modifications
  3. Consent Agenda
    1. Minutes of the September 19 CRTPA MeetingAgenda Item
    2. Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for Fiscal Year 2016Agenda Item
    3. Regional Mobility Plan Updated LanguageAgenda Item
    4. Southwest Area Transportation Plan/Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency Memorandum of UnderstandingAgenda Item
    5. CRTPA 2017 Calendar RevisionAgenda Item
  4. Consent Items Pulled For Discussion
  5. Roll Call Vote Agenda Items
    1. Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 – FY 2022 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) AmendmentAgenda Item

      The CRTPA FY 2018 – FY 2022 TIP is proposed to be amended to reflect the following:

      •    CR 65 Smith Creek Road (south of Fire Department to SR 20 Blountstown Highway) (Project #4420601): Add funding in FY 2018 to add bike lanes (Leon County)

      Recommended Action:  Approve amendment by roll call vote

  6. CRTPA Action

    The public is welcome to comment on any discussion item after a motion has been made and seconded. Each member of the public is provided three (3) minutes to address the CRTPA.

    1. 2018 CRTPA Meeting CalendarAgenda Item

      The 2018 CRTPA meeting calendar has been developed for Board approval.

    2. Election of CRTPA Chair and Vice-ChairAgenda Item

      Annually, CRTPA members elect a new Chair and Vice-Chair to serve for the upcoming calendar year.  Currently, Commissioner Richardson and Commissioner Nick   Maddox hold the CRTPA Chair and Vice-Chair positions, respectively.

    3. Thomasville Road Safety DiscussionAgenda Item

      The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), District 3 staff will present a recently completed safety analysis of Thomasville that focuses largely from Meridian/Seventh Avenue to Betton/Bradford Roads.

    4. CRTPA Urban Attributable (SU) FundsAgenda Item

      A proposal regarding use of the CRTPA’s annual allocation of federal Urban Attributable funds will be provided.

    5. Gadsden County Funding RequestAgenda Item

      This item seeks approval of the use of CRTPA SU funds on the Attapulgus Bridge in Gadsden County.

  7. Florida Department Of Transportation Report
    1. Agenda Item
  8. Executive Director’s Report

    • CRTPA Logo
    • CRTPA Website

    1. Agenda Item
  9. CRTPA Information
    1. CorrespondenceAgenda Item
    2. Future Meeting DatesAgenda Item
    3. Committee Actions (Citizen’s Multimodal Advisory Committee/ Technical Advisory Committee/Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Board)Agenda Item
  10. CRTPA Citizen Comment

    This portion of the agenda is provided to allow for citizen input on any CRTPA issue. Those interested in addressing the CRTPA should complete a speaker request form located at the rear of the meeting room. Speakers are requested to limit their comments to three (3) minutes.

  11. Items From CRTPA Board Members

    This portion of the agenda is provided to allow members an opportunity to discuss and request action on items and issues relevant to the CRTPA, as appropriate.

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