Connections 2045 Regional Mobility Plan (RMP) Amendment PUBLIC HEARING

RMP Amendment Package Information

A public hearing has been scheduled for June 15 to receive input from the community on amending the Connections 2045 Regional Mobility Plan to include transit projects within the Cost Feasible Plan.  Specifically, the following projects are proposed for inclusion*:

  • Bus Stop Upgrades
  • Electric Bus Infrastructure
  • Variable Message Signs
  • Automatic Passenger Counters
  • Transit Signal Prioritization
  • Fixed-Route Busses
  • Demand Response Vans
  • Expansion Fixed-Route Vehicles
  • Spare Fixed-Route Expansion Vehicles
  • CK Steele Plaza Renovations
  • South City Transit Center

Consistent with the CRTPA’s Public Involvement Process Plan these amendments are required to be posted for 30 days prior to the amendment’s scheduled adoption at the June 15, 2021 CRTPA meeting.  The CRTPA Board meeting will be held at 1:30 pm in the City Commissioner Chamber at Tallahassee City Hall on the 2nd Floor.  Parking is available at Kleman Plaza located behind City Hall on Duval Street.

Comments may be provided by clicking here or providing an email directly to Jack Kostrzewa at

For further information, please contact Jack Kostrzewa at the above email or by calling 850 891 8630.

*Note- an update to the StarMetro Transit Develop Plan is currently underway and scheduled for complete by the fall of 2021.  The Connections 2045 RMP will be amended subsequently to reflect the updated plan.


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