March 19, 2019 CRTPA Meeting

Event Details

  1. Call To Order and Roll Call
  2. Agenda Modifications
  3. CRTPA Citizen Comment
  4. Consent Agenda
    1. Minutes of the February 19 MeetingAgenda Item
  5. Consent Items Pulled For Discussion
  6. CRTPA Action
    1. Florida Metropolitan Planning Organization Advisory Council (MPOAC) UpdateAgenda Item

      An update on efforts of the MPOAC, including legislative proposals related to transportation, will be provided by the organization’s executive director, Carl Mikyska.

    2. Midtown Area Transportation Plan Phase II KickoffAgenda Item

      An update on the initiation of Phase II of the Midtown Area Transportation Plan will be provided.

    3. CRTPA BylawsAgenda Item

      Consistent with a request made at the February 19 CRTPA meeting, this item proposes to revise the CRTPA Bylaws to allow for more flexibility in the makeup of the Executive Committee.

  7. Florida Department Of Transportation Report
  8. Executive Director’s Report
    1. Agenda Item
  9. CRTPA Information
    1. Future Meeting DatesAgenda Item
  10. Items From CRTPA Board Members
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