Bicycle & Pedestrian Studies

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Wakulla Springs Trail

This Feasibility Study was initiated by the CRTPA in September 2022 to evaluate the SR 267 corridor between Wakulla Springs State Park and the St. Marks Trail for the addition of a shared-use trail.

Thomasville Road Multi-Use Path

The Thomasville Road Multi-Use Path Feasibility Study studied the opportunity to provide a critical bike and pedestrian linkage between Midtown and the Market District..

Tallahassee to Havana Trail Feasibility Study

A technical feasibility study evaluating a potential multi-use trail connection between Tallahassee and Havana was developed by the CRTPA in 2022...

Tallahassee Leon County Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

The Tallahassee-Leon County Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan is an update to the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan that was completed in 2004.

Monticello Bike Trail Extension

The Monticello Bike Trail Feasibility Study was approved by the CRTPA on September 16, 2019...

US 90 Multi-Use Trail Feasibility Study

The US 90 Multi-Use Trail Feasibility Study evaluated the opportunity to construct a paved multi-use trail within Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) right-of-way along US 90 between Pedrick Road in Leon County and the Monticello Bike Trail in Jefferson County. The feasibility study was approved on May 17, 2022...


Corridor Studies

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Midtown Area Transportation Plan

Adopted on October 19, 2020, the Midtown Area Transportation Plan identifies and recommends potential changes to the transportation network to enhance Midtown’s mobility.

Southwest Area Transportation Plan (SATP)

The Southwest Area Transportation Plan (SATP) was adopted by the CRTPA on September 16, 2019...

Town of Havana Main Street Assessment

The Town of Havana Main Street Assessment was approved by the CRTPA on February 18, 2020...

Pensacola Street Operational Analysis

The Pensacola Street Operational Analysis was approved by the CRTPA on February 19, 2019...

Tharpe Street Operational Analysis

The Tharpe Street Operational Analysis was approved by the CRTPA on February 19, 2019...



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North Monroe Street Safety Implementation Plan

A study to identify and implement needed safety improvements along the US 27/N. Monroe Street corridor has been initiated by the CRTPA...

Take the Safe Route – Safe Access to School Study

A focused, data driven study to improve walking & biking safety for the CRTPA region's students is currently underway...

Safe Streets and Roads For All (SS4A)

The SS4A project provides the opportunity for local governments and transportation organizations to apply for funding to reduce fatalities and serious injuries on all transportation networks.



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Capital Region Telecommute Study

At the February 19, 2024 CRTPA Board meeting, members accepted the Capital Region Telecommute Study, A Look Back and A Look Forward...

CRTPA Regional Freight Plan

This project provides a review of the existing and future conditions of the freight system in the CRTPA region with recommendations for consideration as the region grows.

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Master Plan

Developed in 2020, the ITS Master Plan provides a regional roadmap for the planning, implementation, operation, and maintenance of Intelligent Transportation Systems and ITS communications assets.  The plan was jointly funded by the City of Tallahassee and the CRTPA. 

Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP)

Every two (2) years, the CRTPA coordinates the solicitation and ranking or TA projects and programs from the four-county CRTPA region that are seeking to receive federal funding that meet the eligibility of the federal Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside Program. The CRTPA initiated the solicitation of new TAP applications on November 1, 2023 . Once reviewed and ranked, eligible projects are placed on the agency's TA Priority Project List for federal funding consideration.


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