CRTPA Regional Freight Plan


At the March 18, 2024 CRTPA Board meeting, members approved the CRTPA Regional Freight Study.  Below are the FINAL documents for the project.

Existing Conditions

Future Conditions

Future Conditions Appendix

Needs Assessment and Recommendations

Needs Assessment Appendix

February 26, 2024 – The Draft Needs and Recommendations Report will be presented to the CRTPA Board at their March 18, 2024 meeting.  This report and the associated appendix can be found below.

Draft Needs and Recommendations Report

Draft Needs and Recommendations Appendix


The CRTPA Regional Freight Study is being conducted to identify freight movement trends, challenges, and opportunities for improvement within the Capital Region. The onset of global freight, trade and logistics has played a significant role on the impact of transportation and the economy prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, but an even more significant role post-pandemic. The increase of on-demand consumption expanded the e-commerce phenomena, and stressed supply-chains and transportation networks. In addition to shifts in global supply-chains and pandemic impacts, CRTPA’s freight movements and local industry are expanding, spurred by statewide growth. This study will assess the CRTPA’s freight-related conditions and trends from national to local levels and their impacts on the region. It will analyze the governmental policies, transportation systems, and stakeholder operations; and provide recommendations for improving freight mobility needs through project, policy, and strategy development.


The overall goal of the study is to provide a freight mobility framework that serves as a reference and tool for promoting safe and efficient movement of freight and contributes to the economic viability for the region. In addition, the study will align with the federal and state freight mobility goals, objectives, and recommendations to promote a collective freight vision and account for policy requirements, leverage funding opportunities, and foster partnerships.


The freight study development starts with building a foundation for assessing CRTPA freight mobility framework using stakeholder outreach and peer literature reviews. This collaborative approach provides CRTPA a bottom-up assessment of demand/impact profile from an all-user perspective; and it empowers collective visioning for strategy development and needs resourcing. Through the outreach and review, general guidance and best practices were captured for CRTPA freight mobility assessment.

CRTPA Freight Study Existing Conditions Report


Identifying future conditions of the transportation system’s framework and characteristics is imperative for understanding the benefits, needs, and issues experienced by the CRTPA Region. The following future conditions assessment identifies CRTPA future freight-related conditions and trends that build from the existing conditions framework relative to impacts on the region. It analyzes factors that collectively define the regional freight mobility impact profile while providing a point of reference for impacts on the benefits, needs, or issues experienced by the region. Below are the two reports for these efforts including:

CRTPA Regional Freight Study Future Conditions Report (DRAFT)

CRTPA Regional Freight Study Future Conditions Report Appendix (DRAFT)

This information will be presented to the CRTPA at their January 16, 2024 Board Retreat.

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