North Monroe Street Safety Implementation Plan

The US 27/North Monroe Street corridor is a major north-south route within the CRTPA region.  As part of the efforts related to the development of the agency’s Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) Safety Action Plan, a comprehensive high injury network (HIN) analysis was conducted on the region’s roadways to pinpoint areas of safety concern.  This analysis identified the US 27 corridor as being part of the HIN.

In response to the identification of US 27/North Monroe Street on the HIN, the CRTPA initiated a corridor study in December 2023. This study aims to enhance safety along the corridor by identifying necessary safety improvements spanning from Tharpe Street to Capital Circle, Northwest. Ultimately, the study will lead to the formulation of an implementation plan outlining essential improvements including development of a grant application focused on securing funding for identified improvements.

The study is anticipated to be completed in July 2024.


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