PROJECT UPDATE/US 90 Multi-Use Trail Feasibility Study

The US 90 Multi-Use Trail Feasibility Study was approved by the CRTPA Board at its May 17, 2022 meeting.

The Study’s purpose was to evaluate the feasibility of connecting Tallahassee to Monticello on US 90 through the construction of a multi-use trail on existing Florida Department of Transportation right-of-way.  The US 90 Multi-Use Trail Feasibility Study was initiated in late 2019 and evaluated a portion of the US 90 corridor approximately 21 miles in length (from Pedrick Road in the City of Tallahassee continuing eastwards to the Monticello Bike Trail in the City of Monticello).

Preliminary rendering of US 90 Multi-Use Trail

For more about the project, please visit the project page.  To view the project story map, click here.

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