April 16, 2019 CRTPA Meeting

Event Details

  1. Call To Order and Roll Call
  2. Agenda Modifications
  3. Public Comment on Unagendaed Items
  4. Consent Agenda
    1. March 19 MinutesAgenda Item
  5. Consent Items Pulled For Discussion
  6. CRTPA Action
    1. Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 - FY 2025 Transportation Alternatives Priority Project ListAgenda Item

      The FY 2021 – 2025 TA Priority Project List has been developed for board adoption.

    2. Southwest Area Transportation Plan – Draft Orange Avenue Corridor PlanAgenda Item

      An update on the development of the Southwest Area Transportation Plan will be provided.

  7. Florida Department Of Transportation Report
  8. Executive Director’s Report
  9. CRTPA Information
    1. Future Meeting DatesAgenda Item
    2. Committee Actions Agenda Item
  10. Items From CRTPA Board Members
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