Community Traffic Safety Teams (CTSTs)

Community Traffic Safety Teams (CTSTs) are comprised of local highway safety advocates committed to solving traffic safety problems.  The teams seek to increase traffic safety by reducing the number of traffic crashes and traffic related fatalities as well as the number and severity of traffic related injuries.

The teams are multi-jurisdictional and contain members from city, county, state, and occasionally federal agencies, as well as private industry representatives and citizens.  Through coordinating and working together with interested citizens and other traffic safety advocates within their communities, the CTSTs help to solve local traffic safety problems and promote public awareness of traffic safety best practices through campaigns that educate drivers, motorcyclists, pedestrians, and bicyclists.

A multidisciplinary approach incorporating the 4 E’s of traffic safety (Engineering, Enforcement, Education/Public Information, and Emergency Services) is used by the teams to meet the mission of improving safety.


Safety Resources:

Within the CRTPA region, there are four (4) teams, one within each county:

  • Gadsden CTST
  • Jefferson CTST
  • Leon CTST
  • Wakulla CTST
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